March 3, 2016


How do I know if I qualify for immigration to Canada?

We suggest you to complete and submit our free online assessment form or call us directly which we will evaluate your eligibility without any charge.

 How long does the Canadian Immigration application process need?

There are many aspects affect the processing time for immigration applications, which are:

  • Particular Canadian immigration visa office processing your application.
  • Under which category you apply.
  • Way your application and supporting documents have been presented
  • Whether you need or need not to attend the interview

How is a Work Permit different from a Canada Immigration Visa?

A work permit only permits the eligible person to stay in Canada for a limited period of time, also may have some restrictions on the basis of type of employment which is been pursued.

Are the immigration procedures different for different provinces in Canada?
Certain provinces in Canada have been given the authority by citizenship and Immigration Canada to select or nominate candidates for immigration destined to their respective province under the Provincial Nominee Program.
Where can I submit application for a Canada Immigration Visa?
This depends on the Canadian immigration category which are applying for. If you do federal skilled worker category, the applications must be submitted to the   centralized intake office (CIO) in Sydney Nova Scotia If you do Provincial Skilled worker category, your applications must initially submitted to the province which you planned to stay.
Will I have to obtain a medical exam?
It is compulsory for every Canadian immigration applicants to undergo medical examinations. The main purpose of this medical examination is to find any conditions, which possibly will affect the healthiness of Canadian public or which can result in extreme demands being placed upon Canadian health services
Do I need to undergo medical examination if I am pregnant?

Considering the safety of the foetus, pregnant applicants do not want to take x rays until the birth of the baby. The mother and the baby will undergo medical examinations after the birth.

What does a Police Certificate means?

All Canadian visa applicant, 18 years and older are required to submit a police certificate from the country in which they have lived for 6 months or more as a part of the process of security clearance.

When I will be obliged to submit the Police Certificate?

This is completely depends on Canada visa category you have submitted your application and the police certificates are only valid for a restricted period of time.

Is it difficult to find a good job in Canada?

It is not difficult to find a job when you are in Canada as employment opportunities are more in Canada. In Canada every day 50,000 job vacancies go unfilled. There is a big demand for skilled workers and professionals in Canada.

Do I get a Permanent Resident card of Canada as soon as my Canada Immigration Visa is issued?

You will only become a Canadian permanent resident on your landing in the country with your valid passport and valid immigration visa.

How long I will be able to I wait to come to Canada after my Canada Immigration Visa is issued?

You are required to land in Canada before your Canada immigration visa expired. Generally the visa expiry date is one year from the medical examinations completed date. This is not always the case; it is well again to verify the expiry date as soon as you receive your immigration visa.

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